Tax Return Filing Errors to Avoid as a Preparer​

Preparing a full tax return without any errors is one of the most important ways to maintain tax reporting. An error in customer returns will result in several issues, including delaying refunds, and nobody wants that. Accelerating returns can lead to minor errors and significant problems for you and your customers. It is important not to rush and focus on the details, even at the height of the season. So, if you are looking for the best tax preparers in Hayward, CA, you can find them here. Here below we have enlisted in some of the common errors which a tax preparer can avoid to get errors-free tax returns.


Social security numbers are incorrect or missing.


The first thing to avoid as a tax preparer is to enter the correct and right social security numbers.  If the customers forget or deny to have a social security number ask them to bring it with you to make sure you have entered the same information and figures.


Add Your Heading Entered the wrong nameText Here


Always make sure to enter the right name of the clients check the spellings before you hit enter. Check the name from their social security card and ask them to check.


Filing status errors


Choose the right deposit status of your client. Whether they are single, married parents. All these factors affect the marital status and need to be entered correctly. A little focus can save you from a mistake and you can file a tax return without any errors.


Mathematical errors


This is the most common error to be occurred by any tax preparer. Carefully enter the income and expenditures into your tax firm. Only enter the exact information you need to avoid miscalculations. Here at, the tax preparers will make calculations on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about a mathematical error. However, the estimates are only accurate if the data in the statement is correct.


All income is not mentioned.


Make sure that the clients submit all forms received from the employer. Ask them if they are earning profits, interest, commercial income, social security income, and other benefits. Some clients may not know that their secondary income is taxable, so all different forms of income must be clearly defined.


Wrong bank account numbers


Direct deposit is the fastest way to get your money back from the IRS. So, make sure that you have listed the correct routing numbers because finding a refund in the wrong account can be difficult. You can recommend your, clients, to use a direct deposit or help them confirm their address if they are willing to have a check.


Having no Signatures


Every tax filing without signatures is invalid or not acceptable. Make sure the clients have signed their forms electronically if they are not available at the time of application. It is especially important to know whether your clients are divorced or going to have a divorce.


PIN errors for electronic deposit


The PIN is used to sign the form electronically. If your customer doesn’t know the PIN, enter the adjusted gross income from the previous year’s tax return.


Don't encourage your client to reconsider your return.


When you’re ready for your clients to return, ask them to review all the information in detail before signing it. This will help you avoid reporting a refund using the wrong name or address and give the customer confidence that everything is verifiable before sending it.

Most Common Tax Filing Errors

Error Impact
Data Entry Mistakes Inaccurate tax liability calculations
Missed Deductions Overpayment of taxes
Incorrect Filings Potential audits and penalties
Math Calculation Errors Fines due to underpayment or overpayment
Missing Signatures Delayed processing, potential rejection


Q: How can preparers ensure accurate SSN entries if clients forget or deny having it?

 Request clients to bring their SSN and cross-verify the information provided.

Q: What steps can be taken to avoid mathematical errors in tax filings? 

Exercise extreme caution while inputting income and expenses; utilize reliable software for calculations.

Q: Should preparers encourage clients to opt for direct deposits?

Direct deposits are advisable, but accurate bank details are crucial to avoid complications.


Achieving accuracy in tax return filings demands meticulousness and attention to detail. By recognizing and avoiding common errors, tax preparers uphold professional standards, ensuring seamless, error-free returns for their clients.

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